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Shaping Reading's Future

Reading is a place with huge potential, second only to London for wages; it has above average economic productivity and rates of employment. Yet Reading is now the third most unequal city in the UK, with significant groups not benefiting from the success of the economy, and with rising demand for housing, and for services to support vulnerable adults and children.

Reading has some of the most affluent and the most deprived neighbourhoods in the whole of the Thames Valley, which are often masked by statistics at borough and even ward levels. In 2018 the Council came together with local businesses, community groups and Reading University to plan for Reading’s future. The result is the Reading 2050 Vision, an ambitious description of what Reading can be; a city of green spaces smart technology and economic growth. 

Our Vision

Our vision as Reading Borough Council is: to ensure that Reading realises its potential – and to ensure that everyone who lives and works here can share the benefits of its success.

We can achieve this by working together across the borough with Councillors, Council staff, residents, local businesses, wider public sector bodies and voluntary organisations acting as one team: Team Reading. That’s why our corporate brand is Working Better with you, and it’s why we will involve and consult residents to help set the direction of the Council’s decisions and the development of Reading.

Our Corporate Plan, ‘Shaping Reading’s Future – our corporate plan 2018-21’, outlines how we will do this over the next three years, against the backdrop of a difficult financial environment, including reductions in Government funding and growing demands on key Council services but recognising the importance of social and environmental challenges . The plan was first published in June 2018 and this document is the first annual refresh of the plan, which accompanies the Council’s key financial document - the Medium Term Financial Strategy (February 2019).

Reading’s future success lies in its ability to stay at the forefront of solutions to key global challenges. One such challenge is that of climate change. The Council have recognised that we are now in a climate emergency and, answering the call of the International Panel on Climate Change, we are planning to become a carbon neutral borough by 2030.

Our Priorities

  • Securing the economic success of Reading 
  • Improving access to decent housing to meet local needs
  • Protecting and enhancing the lives of vulnerable adults and children
  • Keeping Reading’s environment clean, green and safe 
  • Promoting health, education, culture & wellbeing
  • Ensuring the Council is Fit For the Future

Our Values

The TEAM Reading values guide how we will achieve the vision and our priorities:

We will work Together

  • We will work as one organisation, collaborate and support each other
  • We will demonstrate RBC leadership behaviours and the Nolan principles
  • We will recognise and celebrate the hard work and successes of our colleagues

E We will drive Efficiency

  • We will look at best practice and ensure we deliver quality services and value for money
  • The Corporate Transformation Programme will modernise the way we work to ensure we meet the changing expectations of our customers

We will be Ambitious 

  • We will look at best practice and ensure we deliver quality services and value for money
  • Our Organisational Development Strategy will help us to recruit, retain and engage staff
  • The fundamental service reviews will transform our services to make them fit for the future
  • We will be proud to enter and win awards for the great work we do

M We will Make a Difference

  • We will measure our performance against our priorities
  • We will set stretching targets for improvement
  • More customers will tell us they are very satisfied with our services

Leadership and Management Behaviour Framework

We have set out the behaviours and attitudes that we value from our managers, which support the delivery of our vision, priorities and Team Reading values. These define ‘how’ we are expected to approach our work and sit alongside ‘what’ we do, as outlined in each of our job descriptions. They apply to all leaders and managers in the Council. 

You can view the Leadership and Management Behaviour Framework here.